Project Happyess #2: Do more of what makes you happy!

Project Happyness #2:

9.30am: Woke up to the smell of Roti Prata in my mind and decided to grab some at the coffee-shop with mom. I love Roti Pratas and love to dip them with curry and sugar. Although it’s high in carbohydrates, but who cares as long as I’m happy! I love good food and nice coffee! P.s. The Prata was great but the coffee is disappointing yet again. Need to get some good ones later!

3.00pm: Went out to buy some shirts and pants for the new job next week. The old pants sadly couldn’t fit onto my body anymore. Anyway it’s time to buy new clothes and the last time I went on a shopping spree was 2 years ago! In addition, I got my laptop a new USB hub and q wireless mouse. I got myself a portable charger at a good price too! Thank God it’s the great Singapore sale now and discounts are everywhere! Yay! To top this off, I’m sitting at Starbucks with a dark Mocha Frappuccino! I’m enjoying my afternoon! 🙂

5.00pm: Went swimming in such a hot weather and it was great! However after I swam 200 meters, my swimming googles broke. I guess that’s because I have not swam for a long time and the rubber harden. Once I pull the rubber to adjust the google, it broke. So I had no choice but to stop the swim and went running instead. I pushed myself and ran 4km today! Looks like I released more endorphins today and my body feels good apart from the aches on my legs.

“Do more of what makes you happy.” ~Carmel McConnell